May I take a minute?

 It felt like ages since I last posted and it's only a month or so! I'm in such a mood for baking banana bread but I don't even have an oven - however I'm still thinking about getting one. It may actually happen sooner or later tho as I seriously miss cakes and pizzas. 
Summer in the city is coming closer and closer and now it's really possible that I will spend this time in my parents' cottage as they're preparing one floor as a studio for me, thats' really, really exciting. To take cats and spend this time in the forest. We'll see. 
How are you guys? Do you have a blog? Leave me the address below!
I want to focus on re-opening my shop soon, I have a lot of ideas for some new items for you, some posters, stickers, all the good stuff - I really hope you stay tuned for this :)

I'm super happy to share some recent snippets.


  1. Your blog always has such a lovely vibe. It makes me want to blog again. I've neglected mine ever since I started focusing on Youtube.

    1. sometimes I feel like it's pointless as blogs are not popular anymore but I really love collecting my days in here. There's something special to it. If you blog again, please let me know!



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