and it's april all over again

 Guys, I feel like Ive gained the biggest achievement of my life - I'm on my own and I'm fine. I don't need to be taken care of, I don't need anyone's approval, I don't care what people who turned back at me think of me anymore.
I take more photos recently what brings me so much joy - however I do it with my phone as I have a goal to master this so called iPhonography. I love how creative I can get just with a device I always take with me.
Pictures you see below are some snippets of my last weeks in ToruĊ„ and Gdynia. I missed blogging!


  1. Cheers to starting Spring with a boost of confidence, having photography goals, and gorgeous photos! I'm so proud of you. <3 What are the blue flowers called, btw? I'm not sure I've ever seen those before. :) Happy May!

    1. I tried to find out the name but I really have no idea! They bloom early spring in my mom's garden



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