march is kind of lazy

 Hello everyone! How's your month going so far? Right now I'm in my family home in Gdańsk for a week - the weather is sunny and beautiful however I'm a little bit under the weather so I'm stuck at home for now. Second month in our new place is going great - we love how it looks like and it keeps getting better with every week.
I know there's a lot of cats in here, but hey, animals are cute in general.
We slowly come back to our walks through the city, but we still have to organise a proper photo date. Then I will have something more than cats to show you.

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  1. ja tam nie mam nic przeciwko oglądaniu koteczków;) to co też bardzo lubię na Twoich zdjęciach to te wszystkie klimatyczne kawiarnie i fajne miejscówki, ubolewam nad ograniczonymi możliwościami odwiedzania ich podczas niemającej końca pandemii:(



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