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Dear people of the Internet,
I was thinking about a journaling blog for a while now - personally I love scrolling through people's spreads and get inspired every day. You guys ask me quite often about my supplies or opinions about particular stationery items. Bullet journaling / journaling community is wonderful and keeps me going every day. It's my second love just after photography. 
Blogs are not really popular that much in recent years but I love the idea of having everything captured, the whole history of keeping a journal and creative process. I have quite a lot ideas to write about so I really hope you'll enjoy this journey with me and my notebooks. I will show you my everyday spreads (sometimes censored for privacy reasons), my compositions, my fav ways to journal. If you're here and you don't know my youtube channel - go have a look! I'm doing a lot of journaling videos if that's your thing - I love watching such videos, it relaxes me so much.

As a welcome gift I prepared a pdf containing a bunch of wonderful botanical and nature related pictures for you to print to use in your journals. I went through a lot of scrolling and I curated this 2 - paged set especially for you. All images can be found on Biodiversity Heritage Library flickr page and are free to personal use. Check out their website for hundreds of beautiful pictures.
You can download the set - HERE.
Show me your creations, tag me on instagram!

Let me introduce you my family of journals. Enjoy! 
Mary out

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