my kaweco pens & first art journal spreads

There was a time I stopped using fountain pens in my everyday life. When I was at the uni I needed something quick to put in my bag and never ran out of ink. When I came back to "serious" journaling I tested out a lot of ballpoint pens and gelly rolls and I had my favs. But I decided for my first Kaweco as I saw it on youtube. At first it seemed so tiny I couldn't find a way to like it. But then I bought my first Lamy pen in rose gold and after that I realised quickly which one I liked more. I'd never say that Lamy is bad, it just doesn't love me as I'd like to.
A wonderful Kaweco color palette didn't make the situation easier as there were too many I wanted to buy. At first I picked up a Sport model in mint. After quite some time I decided to get fox red of the same size too. Then the rest came quickly - a Perkeo in yellow/grey and the last Sport - in classic green. With this one I also decided to get a thinner nib. I haven't told you about my love for medium nibs - my bad handwriting looks smoother that way. But when I started taking small notes in my passport Traveler's Notebook I felt like using something smaller. I went crazy and got my green pen with extra fine nib and I enjoy it much more than I thought I would.
You can find a comparison of all four pens with corresponding inks and nib sizes below.
Which of them is my favorite? I'd say the Perkeo. The nib flows the smoothest through paper, but I'm sure it depends of particular one you receive.
Enjoy some of my recent art journal pages and see you very, very soon.

Mary out



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