Escribo stationery shop

If you're a stationery lover it's really hard to find a shop in Poland that is up to date with all trends social media flood us with. Asia is the main trendsetter on this market, especially that majority of the best brands came straight from the country of cherry blossoms.
First I found Escribo online and I was simply amazed with their offer of the best and also most luxurious items. I got my first Traveler's Notebook - a passport in camel - from there and every other one too. They first showed me MD paper notebooks and Kaweco pens.
I've always wanted to visit the shop myself but it's located at the end of the world for a northern creature like me. But hey, now I'm living at the end of this world so I can visit as often as I'd like to. It's not always the best idea when you're choosing between a dinner and a notebook haha. However wonderful owners always help and advice so it's really an achievement not to get anything when you're there.
It's super awsome to be able to touch before you buy and see if you really click with the product or not.
Escribo is located in Katowice: ul. Plebiscytowa 17, 40-035.
Also if you can't go there yourself, you can always go online:
It's worth to say that this post is not sponsored. I just love it there.

PS: I also prepared a new freebie for you! This time I curated two pages of lifestyle photos found on - this is the greatest photo stock there can be. Thousands of pictures that are free to use. Check it out, you can find whatever you need - there was a time I used to do my video thumbnails with these beauties.
Click HERE to download the pdf.
Mary out


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